We Buy Used Stair Lifts


Do you have a stair lift in your home that is going unused?  With one simple phone call, you can get a return on an investment by selling your used stair lift to AmeriGlide of Wilmington, NC.  Once we buy back your stair lift, it is sent to our factory to be completely cleaned, repaired, and inspected before being made available to new customers at a discounted price.  This program allows us to provide affordable equipment to those with mobility limitations who may also be on a tight budget.

Help us provide affordable and reliable stair lifts to those in the Wilmington, NC community.  Call or visit our local showroom today and you can help others and put money in your pocket!

  • All electrical components are tested.
  • Each track is cleaned and inspected for any damage.
  • Each used stair lift motor is inspected for excessive wear.
  • Drive trains are always cleaned and lubricated.
  • Batteries are tested and replaced, if the voltage is less than 12 volts on either battery.*

*This insures that the batteries will have at least 50% of their expected life span.

Please fill out the form below and a customer care specialist will contact you to discuss purchasing your used used stair lift.

If you have questions, please call (855) 265-5695